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Hartridge release AVM-one LCD Screen upgrade

Posted by Anne Ruff on August 02, 2011

Hartridge is pleased to announce the release of a LCD Screen & Keyboard upgrade for the AVM1.

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C3i testing and coding for CRi-PC

Posted by Anne Ruff on April 26, 2011

Following the announcement of Delphi’s new C3i injector and authorized repair programme, Hartridge are extremely pleased to announce our Delphi Authorised Test and coding of C3i injectors on the CRi-PC.

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Automechanika 2010

Posted by Anne Ruff on September 30, 2010

For those workshops and garages wanting to enter the CR testing market, the IFT-70 provides the ideal tool to start down the road to full
injector repair. Users of the IFT-70 are able to quickly asses the condition of injectors to determine if they need to be replaced or repaired. This simple test can save the workshop and the vehicle owner time and money incurred by the incorrect replacement of serviceable injectors.

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Sucessful Diesel forum organised by Diesel Market in Russia

Posted by Anne Ruff on May 10, 2010

Lev Krylov from Diesel Market hosted a seminar of diesel specialists from mainly Central Russia last April. All participants were members of Dieselist.ru online forum, founded back in 2006, which gives all diesel specialists a great opportunity to exchange views, opinions and advice and share their experiences.

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Dubai show is a success!

Posted by Anne Ruff on March 30, 2010

Hartridge participated in the first edition of the Commercial Vehicles exhibition at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre United Arab Emirates.

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Simon & Mike win the Macmillan challenge

Posted by Anne Ruff on March 30, 2010

Earlier this month, Hartridge proudly sponsored Simon Vogel and Mike Walker for their 4x4 Macmillan challenge.

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Hartridge Distributor Event 2010

Posted by Anne Ruff on March 10, 2010


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Delphi & Automotive Engineering Technical College inaugurate joint training center

Posted by Anne Ruff on March 04, 2010

“Tools, equipment and technology belonging to Delphi and other brands may be used at Delphi Training Center in areas including diesel injection and engine control systems, fuel management, ignition, testing and diagnostic equipment, turbochargers, filtering, air conditioning and vehicle electronics”, Diesel Business Unit Manager, Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS).

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Hartridge proud sponsor of MACMILLAN team

Posted by Anne Ruff on February 26, 2010

The 'Mac 4x4', as it has affectionately become known, is a challenge for 4x4 enthusiasts of all kinds. It aims to test navigational, orienteering and observation skills with on and off road sections, and endurance by running day and night. It is intended to be a testing long weekend of driving, covering around 1000 miles, anywhere in the UK or Ireland, with various special stages en route. You don't need a specialised vehicle to take part; any sensibly equipped 4x4 should be up to the event (there have been standard Volvos, Vauxhalls and Toyotas entered, although the vast majority of cars are of the Land Rover marque). Initially teams only know where they are starting from, the route unfolding with the issue of road books between stages.

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Hartridge celebrates its 80th Birthday!

Posted by Anne Ruff on January 15, 2010


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