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Rebecca has been with Hartridge since July 2017 and has a background in automotive marketing.
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High Pressure Fuel Injector Injuries | Safety In The Workshop

Posted by Becca Knight on January 22, 2018

Is it really health and safety gone mad? Surely the standards on equipment are so high that they’re not as dangerous anymore? Is it easy to remember that the equipment you are working with is quite hazardous when you’ve been working with it for a very long time?

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Topics: safe working, diesel injectors, workshop safety, high pressure injuries, fuel injector injuries

Whats the biggest workshop challenge? Poll Results

Posted by Becca Knight on January 16, 2018

We always want to know more about the needs of the vehicle workshop so that we can keep applying this approach to our product development. We recently ran polls on our website and on our social media to ask ‘What is the biggest workshop challenge?’

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Topics: heavy duty workshops, vehicle workshops, biggest workshop challenge, workshop challenges

Warning Signs of injector Failure

Posted by Becca Knight on January 11, 2018

Picture the scene, you’re driving along when a red engine warning light appears, there is a dull thud from under the bonnet, and the engine definitely doesn’t sound right. All power vanishes as you roll to a stop as safely as you can and the vehicle is hard to get moving again.

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Topics: injectors, injector failure, warning signs of injector failure, diesel injector

News | Hartridge logo finds a new home

Posted by Becca Knight on December 20, 2017

We have recently welcomed a new distributor into the Hartridge network. The Robiel team in Brasil are now supplying Hartridge products to their network in South America. It has already been a pleasure working with them but they had another surprise up their sleeves for Hartridge.

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Topics: Hartridge news, distributor, racing truck, copa truck

Bus DPF Cleaning | A one way ticket to better fleet management

Posted by Becca Knight on November 21, 2017

Many diesel car owners have agonized over DPF concerns at some point, the extent of which depends on the vehicle, driving styles and typical journey types. Buses in particular suffer from the worst of type of journey more than most.

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Topics: DPF cleaning, DPF 300 Master Series, DPF filters, heavy duty dpfs, bus dpf, dpf cleaning machine, fleet servicing, bus fleet management, fleet management

November's Event Diary

Posted by Becca Knight on November 10, 2017

We had an amazing time in October 2017! November promises to be just as exciting.

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Topics: Event, Hartridge Events, November Diary, Events diary, November 2017

GDi Concept Awarded | Equip Auto 2017

Posted by Becca Knight on October 30, 2017

Hartridge awarded the Coup de Coeur for the GDi concept bench.

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Topics: equip auto, Equip Auto Award, Coup de Coeur, GDi, concept bench, GDi concept

Hartridge at Equip Auto, Paris | More news!

Posted by Becca Knight on October 15, 2017


Even more exciting WORLD Exclusives at Equip Auto...

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Topics: Hartridge Events, Hartridge news, new machines, equip auto

Hartridge At Equip Auto, Paris | 17-21st October

Posted by Becca Knight on October 14, 2017

Announcing a new type of demonstration for Hartridge...

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Topics: Sabre CRi Master, Hartridge Events, demonstrations, equip auto, paris

Mechanex Coventry | 11th-12th October

Posted by Becca Knight on October 05, 2017

Join us at this great event dedicated to the professional motor mechanic 11th-12th October, stand E14

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Topics: Event, tradeshow, Hartridge Events, October Diary 2017, Mechanex, Join us!

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