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HK1400 Road Show in China

Posted by Stuart Amos on November 04, 2016

During a recent visit to China,Tony Walters, Development Manager for Hartridge, joined with fellow Delphi Colleagues to present the fantastic HK1400 cam box solution. His mission?  To put it through its paces on a variety of different test benches and demonstrate its flexibility and robustness testing a wide variety of EUI and EUPs."

"The HK1400 design takes all the know-how accumulated from developing the HK1500 series , Hartridge's authorised EUI/EUP solution, and puts it in reach of the independent workshop who demand the highest accuracy and the best specification, but at a far lower level of investment."

China Demo.jpg

He is pictured here in Shenyang at a customer event with 15 attendees, following some successful customer events in Beijing where the HK1400 cam box is proving to be a real hit.

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