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Interview with a Technician | Complete DPF Servicing and Maintenance

Posted by Becca Knight on August 09, 2017
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Interview with a technician

Dave Hurst is one of Hartridge’s experienced support technicians. Having been with the company for many years he enjoys the arrival of new models in the range and he recently went to Seattle to work with FSX who partnered with Hartridge to develop the new Hartridge DPF 300 Master Series. This set of machines is a comprehensive solution to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) servicing requirements including back pressure testing, soot cleaning, and thermal regeneration. Dave tells me all about his hand on experience with this new product development.

R: Do you enjoy these visits to customers and clients?

D: Absolutely! But more than that, I think they might be one of the more important aspects of my job. Being able to meet and greet them always builds a strong future relationship with them. We have machines around the world going strong still after 20 years, and it is highly likely the person who built it and the person who installed it still works at Hartridge! So having met them in person is laying a great foundation for whenever they might call us again or speak to us about their next Hartridge test bench.

R: Did you enjoy going out to Seattle?

D: Heading out to Seattle was a brilliant opportunity and good fun. I got to know our product inside and out, but also I really value the time with the customers. It’s not just about installing the equipment but bringing a bit of Hartridge to them too.

R: What was your highlight of the trip?

D: The highlight would have to be sharing technical expertise with those I met. I learnt a lot from the team out there, and I was able to impart some of my many years background at Hartridge. Being able to share and appreciate each other's knowledge in these fields [of diesel technology] is very important.

R: What was your first impression of the DPF 300 Master Series?

D: That this set of machines covers all bases and very flexibly too. It can provide a means to restore a clogged DPF or just test pressures if that is all that is required for that filter. And this is a very real benefit of this equipment vs other options in DPF filter maintenance. This machine set is so dynamic it really elevates it head and shoulders above other restrictive systems.

R: Was there anything that surprised you about this new equipment?

D: I actually was surprised by just how hard that this equipment can work for you. One machine set has the potential to be working on 4 DPFs at a time-1 in a thermal cycle, 2 DPFs can be cleaned at once, and you could have another being flow tested. It really unlocks a lot of earning potential.

R: This is a slightly different direction from Hartridge’s other machines and test benches, are you confident in this equipment?

D: It is a bit different but at the same time it is a natural avenue of diesel fuel technology for us to explore. It is an encouraging sign to see when a company invests and prioritises research and development as much as Hartridge do. It means I have every confidence in all products because the whole team has the same level of commitment to the R&D journey of that product.

R: What do you think the future hold for the DPF 300 Master Series?

D: I think this is a future where the equipment quickly becomes a firm favourite in the workshop but also is the kind of equipment that becomes central to a service department which is positioning itself as an expert business, ready to handle the changing emissions regulations that their customers will be facing, and provide the solution they need.

R: And what about the future of Hartridge?

D: Well this is definitely not a company that is standing still! The fact that we are always developing new technologies and patents is a sign that Hartridge will be tackling the future of diesel head on in the years to come!

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