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Bosch Piezo test for CRi-PC announced

Posted by Anne Ruff on February 15, 2013

As part of our effort to produce a comprehensive range of test solutions, Hartridge can now confirm the launch of the “All Makes” software and application kits for Bosch Piezo.

The CRi-PC is an advanced test, designed to quickly and efficiently provide data on a huge range of Common Rail Injectors and our Magmahplus testing software is accompanied by a range of application kits to enable Bosch Piezo testing on the machine.


A free software upgrade is available for download from the Hartridge Software portal: CRi-PC Magmahplus v12. Including:

  • “All Makes” Piezo injector testing (VDO, Bosch).
  • Static back leak test plan for Bosch injectors.

Bench requirements:

CRi-PC with a valid maintenance licence and the enhanced Piezo controller board (see HMN107).

Initial set of Bosch application kits.

In addition to the normal requirement of clamp blocks and cables Bosch Piezo injectors require:

Back leak adapters incorporating a check valve assembly to generate a positive back pressure.


  • Static Back leak test steps / plan to carry out an initial test of the injector allowing the operator to visually monitor the leakage from the injector. The static back leak kit includes a static back leak assembly for each injector line plus a fuel collection tray to visually check the leakage.

Table showing Hartridge application kit numbers for testing Bosch Piezo Common Rail injectors Bosch Piezo Application Kits

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