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C3i testing and coding for CRi-PC

Posted by Anne Ruff on April 26, 2011

Following the announcement of Delphi’s new C3i injector and authorized repair programme, Hartridge are extremely pleased to announce our Delphi Authorised Test and coding of C3i injectors on the CRi-PC.

C3i Injector

The new C3i injector has an extended characterisation code that helps the engine run with optimum efficiency and provides superb ‘first-time’ accuracy of injector performance and improved precision over its predecessor, the C2i.
Hartridge’s optional upgrade package expands on the current Delphi authorised C2i coding and All Makes testing capability which will increase the flexibility and earning potential of your CRi-PC.

The upgrade to C3i involves the following procedure and checklist:

  1. Your current machine will need a check to determine the necessary upgrade path*
  2. Following this, necessary Magmah plus and chipset upgrades will be made to the CRi-PC
  3. Any C3i Injector application kit specific to your requirements can be provided by Hartridge
  4. Upgrade installation performed by Hartridge trained engineer
  5. IRIS upgrade – available from Delphi

*Provided with support from Hartridge and Delphi. For a detailed flowchart on pre-order and delivery checks necessary, please click here: C3i_flowchart

Due to the accuracy needed and complexity of C3i testing, it is essential that the CRi-PC is up to date and maintained in line with specific requirements. Therefore, installation and audits must be carried out by fully trained engineers to ensure the smooth roll out of the product and to minimise any disruption to the operation of the CRi-PC and its workflow. For more details on upgrading your CRi-PC to take advantage of the revenue from this new technology, please contact your local distributor.

For further information on C3i Testing and coding, please contact your local Hartridge distributor.

Read the article in Russian:Ремонт и кодирование инжекторов C3i на стенде CRi-PC

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