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Delphi & Automotive Engineering Technical College inaugurate joint training center

Posted by Anne Ruff on March 04, 2010

car“Tools, equipment and technology belonging to Delphi and other brands may be used at Delphi Training Center in areas including diesel injection and engine control systems, fuel management, ignition, testing and diagnostic equipment, turbochargers, filtering, air conditioning and vehicle electronics”, Diesel Business Unit Manager, Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS).

This new training complex has the widest range of testing and diagnostic equipment, ranging from linear diesel fuel pumps from back in the thirties to the most advanced CR, EUP, EUI and HEUI systems according to current global diesel technology. It also has test benches such as the AVM2PC, with tools for CR and EUI Injectors and HEUI, CRIPC (Bench for CR Injectors), HA230 (Bench for HEUI Injectors), Navistar, Caterpillar and Powerstroke, in addition to other important pieces of equipment.

To supplement this high-level offering, Delphi Training Center also has different kinds of Delphi master pumps and injectors as well as other prestigious, well-known brands that Delphi represents in Mexico as a central distributor, such as Stanadyne, Denso, Motorpal, Yanmar and others.car

“Engineering and diesel technology students at Cedva will start taking the Diesel Laboratory Technician program jointly developed by Delphi and Cedva”, “And we will also be working jointly for graduates in creating professional practice programs and a competitive job bank”. The Diesel Laboratory Technician program will start off with 100 students and 10 teachers in April of this year.


63 Years of Products and Service Solutions

“During the 63 years we have been in the Mexican aftermarket, first as Lucas and then as DPSS, we have worked hand in hand with our business partners”, emphasized Horacio Eterovic, managing director of Delphi Product & Service Solutions division for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. “During this time we have set up a solid Delphi-authorized services network, which has been maintained despite drastic technological changes and economic crises. This new Delphi-Cedva Training Center is further evidence of our commitment to the Mexican market and our value proposition”.car

DPSS provides the same OEM technology, quality and experience in the Mexican aftermarket that distinguishes it among the world’s most outstanding manufacturers. Delphi has a full line of vehicle electronics in its portfolio in categories such as fuel management (fuel pumps, injectors and pressure regulators) and engine control (oxygen sensors, sensors, IAC and EGR valves and ignition). It also has a full line of suspension and air conditioning for the domestic aftermarket.

About Delphi
Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for autos, commercial and other vehicles. Delphi has more than 100,000 employees at 270 locations and 24 engineering centers in 32 countries. In Mexico, Delphi has 45,000 employees at 45 manufacturing plants in 19 cities and a technical center in Ciudad Juarez. More information regarding the company may be found at www.delphi.com

About Cedva
Centro Educativo Grupo Cedva (Cedva Group Educational Center) is a college-level technical educational institution. It is considered to be Mexico’s largest school of automotive mechanics, with over 78 campuses throughout the country and academic programs including other areas of knowledge. For more information on Cedva, visit www.grupocedva.com

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