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Distributor Event 2009

Posted by Anne Ruff on February 11, 2009

Hartridge was proud to host its annual Distributor event and welcome 120 delegates from 50 countries to itsGroup photo at the distributor event 2009, back at the Hartridge buildingannual business review and awards ceremony
19 - 21 January, 2009. The event was used by Hartridge and major fuel injection manufacturers to launch new products and initiatives for the diesel aftermarket sector.

Hartridge announced and demonstrated its dedicated common rail pump test stand (CRp-PC) with Auto Pressure Control, the CRp-PC test bench provides a cost effective, and efficient means of testing current CR pumps with flexibility and capacity for future generations of CR pump development. The auto pressure control function reduces the typical test time of a pump by up to 10% and when combined with automatic test plans releases the machines operator to perform other tasks in the workshop, whilst the CRp-PC tests and records the status of the pump. This greatly increases the efficiency of the machine and workshop personnel. The CRp-PC was demonstrated with Hartridge’s new Bosch CP2 pump kit. Hartridge believes that with the CRp-PC and the planned launch of Auto Pressure Control upgrade package for the AVM2-PC test bench, Group photo at the distributor event 2009, in Windsorthat Hartridge CR pump test equipment is ideally placed to improve the profitability of CR pump repair both in "All Makes" and authorised test modes.

Additionally Hartridge provided updated information and demonstrations on the IFT-70 and HH705 test products for the initial testing of traditional, CR injector and EUI plus theFQM-20 Fuel Quality Meter which provides a measurement of the particles in a fuel sample to determine the potential for the vehicles fuel to damage or shorten the life of the fuel injection system. These products provide the ideal platform for vehicle workshops or small diesel workshops to get started with common rail and EUI technologies.

Delphi restated its position with authorised common rail pump, common rail injector, and electronic unit injector testing on Hartridge equipment and its commitment to expand its Delphi Service Centre – Delphi Point Network to put more vehicle users in touch with the authorised network to guarantee a quality service and repair.

Denso Diesel
Denso Diesel outlined its plans for the release of its common rail injector judgement program throughout its Hartridge equipped authorised network and demonstrated the technology at the Hartridge facility in Buckingham, this is a major step forward for the aftermarket network which has been waiting with anticipation for the release of this program.

Denso Aircon
Denso Aircon. Following the release of pilot programs in Spain for the testing and repair of Denso air-conditioning compressors, Denso announced that this program is now ready to roll out in Europe, which will create new opportunities for both Diesel and Aircon workshops.

...discussed plans for the expansion of their common rail pump Test network and gave the Hartridge Delegates the first public glimpse of their new branding.

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For the first time at the Hartridge distributor event Stanadyne and Yanmar attended as guest speakers.

...provided an overview of their business and diesel engine and fuel injection equipment portfolio including advance notice of a new engine platform to meet tier IV emissions regulations.

...took the opportunity to give details about its new Common Rail Pump program and for the first time demonstrated their diesel common rail supply pump outside of Stanadyne on a commercially available test bench. Hartridge is very proud that Stanadyne chose the Hartridge event and Hartridge test equipment for the first public demonstration of their Common Rail Pump Technology.

The Hartridge Distributor event has become a key event in the calendar for its distributors and for original equipment manufacturers to update the diesel aftermarket network on the market, new products and initiatives.

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