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Hartridge release AVM-one LCD Screen upgrade

Posted by Anne Ruff on August 02, 2011

Hartridge is pleased to announce the release of a LCD Screen & Keyboard upgrade for the AVM1.

The new HS323 Upgrade Kit, once installed, has the operational controls of the AVM2-PC plus its look & feel with:

  • 15” TFT screen & Keyboard
  • Hartridge NEW PC controller
  • AVM2-PC style drive, fuel & speed trim
  • SCB Firmware Chip v3.11
  • Fitted with magmahplus software

The AVM2-PC appearance is further supported with the following screen shots:

AVm1 Screenshot

AVM-one main Screen

Speed set up screen

Limits & units screen

Phasing limits screen

Diagnostics screen

magmahplus set up screen

This kit has been designed to replace part number 8684326 (Graphic Display) & 134-88-02 Keypad which are now obsolete.

The transducers within the AVM machine must be recalibrated before use. The calibration and upgrade can only be performed by competent authorised personnel. The transducers which need calibration are:-

  • Boost pressure transducer
  • Advance transducer (where used)
  • Digital rack transducer (where used)

When calibration has been completed the machine is ready for use.

HS323 Kit includes:

Part No.



A199A005 AVM1 PC Control Assembly


TB184/2 Technical Bulletin – LCD Screen Replacement


HL055 AVM-one – Operating and Maintenance Manual


A199A902 System Control Board Firmware v3.11


Power cable


MHu-01.P magmahplus Base Software with Advance & Phasing license



Hartridge Controller LCD Screen with keyboard
Standard AVM1 AVM-one = AVM1 fitted with HS323

HS323 is available to order now, please contact your distributor for more information.

*Note: This upgrade will not allow Common Rail or EUI testing capability.

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