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IFT-200 is announced!

Posted by Anne Ruff on November 08, 2013

Hartridge has just released it’s latest product, the IFT-200. Designed to address a developing section of the aftermarket for testing diesel fuel injection systems, the IFT-200 offers workshops a low-cost entry into the Common Rail aftermarket without sparing on features or quality. A guaranteed buy-back offer provides the ideal stepping stone for workshops to upgrade to reach Delphi standards equipment in a cost effective way.

image of Common Rail Injector Test Equipment IFT-200 - Common Rail Injector Test


Testing and repairing Common Rail Injectors is a profitable business and the high cost of new injectors mean that demand for this service is increasing all the time. However, workshop setup and equipment costs can be very high for a company that is just entering the market. Becoming an Authorised Workshop attracts even more customers and bigger profits but requires yet more investment in high-precision equipment. These obstacles mean that it is difficult for growing companies to keep up with the market which is why Hartridge have released the IFT-200 specifically to provide a CR test solution for developing workshops.

The IFT-200 provides a low-cost solution for companies to step into the Common Rail aftermarket and, once a workshop is ready to invest in OEM Authorised status, Hartridge offer a guaranteed buy-back scheme. This ensures that the initial purchase cost becomes an investment as it gives a significant discount against the more specialised Authorised Solutions equipment.

To find out more about our newest arrival, have a look at the Common Rail Test Equipment IFT-200 product page for more details, or download a copy of our brochure. The IFT-200 has proved very popular, so if you'd like to find out how you can get hold of one for your workshop, contact your local diesel workshop distributor now!



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