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New Diesel Test Benches for Common Rail

Posted by Anne Ruff on April 15, 2008

Cutting edge technology to service and repair Common Rail
* Original Article appears in Swedish


New diesel test benches are here to serve and repair today ’s common rail technology.

www.motormagasinet.netDelphi, Hartridge and APE-Fordonskomponenter have now, together with diesel specialists, prepared themselves to be able to handle testing and repair of the new diesel technology.

Sales of diesel cars have increased rapidly the last years with the market share close to 40% on new registered cars. Common Rail is particularly popular due to low consumption of fuel, high efficiency and low emissions of harmful gases. Emissions are expected to drop even further when Euro 5 becomes mandatory. Rail pressures are expected to rise to over 2000 bar, a significant jump compared to old systems with an internal pressure below 1000 bar.

Currently, Bosch is dominant on the market but Continental, Delphi and Denso are catching up fast with the increase in Common Rail. In addition, there are likely to be new entrants to the market as Scania has worked with Cummins for many years now on introducing a new common rail system.

Nya dieseltestbänkar ska serva och reparera dagens common rail

Delphi, Hartridge och APE Fordonskomponenter har nu tillsammans med dieselverkstäder runt om i Sverige rustat sig för att ta emot den "nya dieseln" med den senaste tekniken av testutrustning och reparationsteknik. Under de senaste månaderna har fyra serviceverkstäder uppgraderats.

Bosch som också ingår i APE:s sortiment har sedan tidigare fyra stationer som har motsvarande uppgradering.

Dieselförsäljningen har ökat väsentligt de senaste åren. Marknadsandelen bland personbilar och lätta lastbilar ligger i nyförsäljningen på nära 40 procent. Och trenden verkar ha etablerat sig (genomsnittet i Europa mer än 50%).

For the full story, find out more at: www.motormagasinet.net

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