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Delphi & Automotive Engineering Technical College inaugurate joint training center

Posted by Anne Ruff on March 04, 2010

“Tools, equipment and technology belonging to Delphi and other brands may be used at Delphi Training Center in areas including diesel injection and engine control systems, fuel management, ignition, testing and diagnostic equipment, turbochargers, filtering, air conditioning and vehicle electronics”, Diesel Business Unit Manager, Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS).

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Hartridge proud sponsor of MACMILLAN team

Posted by Anne Ruff on February 26, 2010

The 'Mac 4x4', as it has affectionately become known, is a challenge for 4x4 enthusiasts of all kinds. It aims to test navigational, orienteering and observation skills with on and off road sections, and endurance by running day and night. It is intended to be a testing long weekend of driving, covering around 1000 miles, anywhere in the UK or Ireland, with various special stages en route. You don't need a specialised vehicle to take part; any sensibly equipped 4x4 should be up to the event (there have been standard Volvos, Vauxhalls and Toyotas entered, although the vast majority of cars are of the Land Rover marque). Initially teams only know where they are starting from, the route unfolding with the issue of road books between stages.

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Hartridge celebrates its 80th Birthday!

Posted by Anne Ruff on January 15, 2010


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Direct drive lowers Emissions and Consumption

Posted by Anne Ruff on November 18, 2009

Continental presents a new generation of piezo injectors for common-rail diesel

Piezo technology makes diesel engines efficient, clean and quiet. And Continental now has the answer to the increasing environmental demands being imposed on the diesel engine. At the 29th Vienna International Engine Symposium, the Powertrain Division presented a new piezo injector with direct drive and closed-loop needle control, opening the way for engine developers to further reduce consumption and emissions. As Wendelin Klügl, Senior Vice President, Powertrain System & Technology points out, "when considering the overall cost of engine production, the new injector offers further potential savings by simplifying other emissions-related components such as sensors and control algorithms". He added: "even vehicles in higher weight categories will now meet the Euro 6 emissions standard without nitrogen oxide aftertreatment."

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Hartridge "In the Pink" for charity

Posted by Anne Ruff on November 06, 2009


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Equip Auto provide platform for Hartridge Firsts

Posted by Anne Ruff on November 06, 2009

The Equip Auto exhibition was a great success for Hartridge and Delphi with visitors from France and around Europe taking advantage of the excellent Hartridge demonstration area provided by Delphi, boasting a number of firsts for Hartridge in the French Market.

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Conference of Diesel Services great success

Posted by Anne Ruff on September 28, 2009

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Ukraine comes to Hartridge

Posted by Anne Ruff on July 31, 2009


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Delphi Italy launched 3 new diesel testing concepts

Posted by Anne Ruff on July 14, 2009


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Delphi opens new Shanghai training school

Posted by Anne Ruff on July 06, 2009

In direct response to the growing Asia Pacific vehicle parc equipped with Common Rail and EUI technology, Delphi Product & Service Solution (DPSS) have created a training school at the China Technical Centre (CTC), Shanghai, to support the increased number of authorised Delphi Service workshops.

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