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News | Hartridge logo finds a new home

Posted by Becca Knight on December 20, 2017
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Hartridge logo finds new home

We have recently welcomed a new distributor into the Hartridge network. The Robiel team in Brasil are now supplying Hartridge products to their network in South America. It has already been a pleasure working with them but they had another surprise up their sleeves for Hartridge.

Robiel sponsor a racing truck which takes part in the Copa Truck racing championship and have included the Hartridge logo on this amazing vehicle.

These aren’t the everyday truck that you see on British roads! Sporting extra body work, suspension, roll cages and more horsepower these trucks are very impressive.

Given Hartridge’s dedication to heavy duty vehicles it was a natural addition to the cabin. Thank you to the Robiel team. For more information on the Copa Truck championship click HERE 

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Hartridge logo on racing truck

Racing truck in action


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