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Diesel Russia visit Hartridge Ltd, 27-29th October 2015

Posted by Stuart Amos on December 22, 2015

Every year, visitors from all over the globe come to us to be trained, and to discuss their local market requirements so we can develop the right technologies for their current and future needs. 

Russian_visitors_discussing_business_at_Hartridge.jpgSometimes the world seems such a small place when you consider that these visitors are market leaders in their field, and that during their stay inside these modest premises located in rural Buckinghamshire, the world of Diesel fuel systems progresses and develops. This is how it has always been in the 85 or so years Hartridge has been here and it never ceases to amaze both visiting customers and employees alike. 



Russian_visitors_at_Hartridge.jpgOutside the Hartridge building - Pictured from the left: Egor Tsuranov (Barnaul), Aleksei Ermilov (Voronezh), Dmitrii Pakhomov (Ryazanj), Yuri Zenov (Moscow), Maxim Davydkin (Moscow), Lev Krylov (Diesel Market), Valentin Samorukov (Delphi Russia), Vladimir Yanchevski (Hartridge Ltd) 

At Hartridge we have a fully equipped Training School and in partnership with our colleagues at Delphi, just down the road in Warwick, we can help workshops to get the absolute best out of their Hartridge equipment. The payback can often be game changing for the customer's business, helping them to gain the competitive edge in their local market and take their business to the next level. 


Demonstration_of_Hartridge_HK1400.jpg             Hartridge Training

Demonstrating the new Hartridge HK1400 is clearly great fun!



Russian_customer_Georgii_Kasakov_polish_his_Hartridge_AVM2-PC_currently_in_built_stage.jpgGeorgii Kasakov from Perm in Northern Russia, polishing lovingly the flywheel of his new AVM2-PC as it is being built. 






Russian_visitors_at_Delphi.jpgGetting down to the nitty gritty at Delphi in Warwick



View of the Warwickshire countryside from the tower at Warwick Castle


These Russian visitors really know how to party after a hard day of training!

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