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Meet the Sabre CRi Master

Posted by Hartridge Marketing on March 22, 2017

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The Sabre CRi Master enables faster, highly accurate & reliable injector test and repair.

Hartridge Ltd, a world leader in manufacturing diesel test equipment, has announced the arrival of its latest All Makes Common Rail test machine.

The Sabre CRi Master, designed with Hartridge’s extensive OE experience, delivers pure testing power and accuracy, combined with ease of use, ease of installation and an exceptional level of user functionality.

The UK’s Buckingham based firm intends for the Sabre to appeal to the emerging diesel engine specialist as well as established injector repairer workshops.

Sabre CRi Master“This machine is truly different to anything else in the market,” explains Simon Quantrell, Managing Director at Hartridge. “For an entry-level machine to be packed with so many features, and still deliver on power, test accuracy, speed and usability is unprecedented. It’s the perfect tester for any diesel workshop, regardless of level.”

Featuring a unique, patented, closed-loop control system, the Sabre enables increased flow at higher pressures, using only a single phase power source. Unlike competitors’ machines, no air, water or three-phase supply is required, making installation simple and quick. The Sabre is also faster to operate with cycle times as little as one minute per test step.


The hardware has been engineered to ensure highly accurate and repeatable test results including an advanced hydraulic system cooling capability. The flexible Sabre also enables the user to have absolute control over the various test conditions and comprehensive measurement parameters.

Other benefits include simple, fast injector clamping & removal; a ten inch embedded touch screen interface and a completely redesigned magmahsharp software, providing an unrivalled level of features and functionality. The operating system gives access to automated test procedures with electronic results that can be saved, shared and printed via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth.

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Sabre CRi Master

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