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The Wider Implications of the 2018 MOT Changes

Posted by Becca Knight on February 02, 2018

Some very interesting changes to MOT testing have been announced and we’ll give you a clue: It’s not changing to less frequent testing. Say goodbye to advisories and hello to dangerous, major, and minor fails. What is being tested has also changed with focus on the diesel filters of the emissions system. These changes aren’t just for the passenger car either; they affect several classes of vehicle up to a class 7. It now makes sense for operators of heavy duty fleets to look at preventative maintenance as their most effective DPF strategy.

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3 Differences between DOC, DPF, and SCR filters

Posted by Becca Knight on August 09, 2017

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention and modern compression ignition engines are such an example of remarkable engineering. In order to achieve their necessary power and performance every facet of each component is in finely tuned balance. Further development arose thanks to the necessity to comply with emissions standards, and several techniques to cater to this requirement emerged. But why do we have more than one filter in the exhaust system and what are their differences?

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Topics: DPF 300 Master Series, DPF cleaning, identifying filters, diesel emissions, diesel aftertreatment system, DOC filters, DPF filters, SCR catalysts, diesel powertrain

Perceptions of diesel & changing trends

Posted by Becca Knight on August 09, 2017

We are witnessing the twilight years of diesel. The writing is on the wall and in the YouTube comments; it would seem that the death of diesel is imminent. On a near daily basis there is a fresh news article exposing rapidly changing perceptions and approaches regarding diesel but what exactly are these evolving perceptions towards the diesel vehicle? The final days of diesel are not as immediate as you might think.

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Topics: DPF cleaning, DPF filters, diesel aftertreatment system, diesel emissions

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