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We want to know what you think!

The response to our last quick survey was fantastic!It was just a simple question about a choice of ports for your Sabre machine but your input helped us identify what you wanted, and helped shape this small, but important, change to the product.

We would like your input once again but on a larger and more complex issue. 

Our industry, like many, has faced truly unprecedented financial and operational impacts due to the controls that each country needed to put in place to protect people. While globally we are not past the dangers posed by Covid-19, we are starting to see a way forward thanks to new data on lockdowns and vehicle movements changing in different countries. 

At Hartridge we want to know how we can assist you. We have been impacted ourselves and are still managing our operations at our headquarters very differently to normal. You can read all about it here: Our Coronavirus Update.

We want to know what could help you best at this difficult time to have your workshops & technicians operating again. By answering this quick survey you can help provide some useful feedback as we prepare to support workshops that are able to come out of lockdown.*

* Please be aware that Hartridge is not encouraging the opening of businesses above and beyond any government & scientific advice where applicable in your country and/or region. Please follow all legal instruction, advice and guidelines given to you to protect public health and please stay safe! 

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