The future of CR pump testing today

The CRp-PC with auto pressure control, test speeds of up to 6500rpm and a future upgrade path to 3000bar test pressures provides testing of all makes of common rail pumps quickly and simply, thus increasing the available time on other test platforms – providing additional business opportunities and improving workflow.

The standalone platform allows testing of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens Common Rail pumps with the same ease and flexibility provided by its sister product, the CRi-PC. Controlled with Hartridge’s proprietary software, magmah, the CRp-PC allows the creation of test plans, together with the ability to save these for repeat standardised testing.

Main features

  • Common Rail Pump testing: CRp-PCStandalone machine
  • Allows testing of all makes of Common-Rail pumps
  • Magmah based software
  • AC motor
  • Power Output 22kw (30hp)
  • Speed range: 30 – 6500rpm
  • Pressure rating up to 2500 bar
  • Metering through flowmeters
  • Manual test with option to upgrade to Automatic test
  • Integrated clear polycarbonate protective shield with interlocked safety door
  • Test plan creation / storage using test plan editor


  • Improves service workflow
  • Pump fixturing common with AVM2-PC
  • Frees up AVM2-PC for other testing
  • Point of entry for Common Rail Pump test market
  • Test results correlate with AVM2-PC
  • Compact design

Download a brochure for further information: 

Download CRp-PC brochure