IFR-50 Flushing Rig

IFR-50 flushing rig

IFR-50 flushing rig

If you test dirty injectors in your Common Rail test equipment, this can cause problems. These include more frequent maintenance needed and you also run the risk of damaging metering units or flow meters.This results in expensive repair bills and machine down time.

In addition many injectors are delivered to the workshop containing diesel, bio material and water in the form of condensation, all of these fluids will enter the test oil in the machine, which will reduce the life of the test oil and filters

All original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) stress the importance of cleanliness in the build and testing of the injector. In addition the complexity of the injector test means that the test machine, including oil and filters, need to be maintained to ensure the test equipment is running at its peak performance at all times. At least one OEM has mandated the use of the IFR-50 as part of their test and repair procedure.

Hartridge have the solution: the IFR-50 provides the capability to flush up to 4 injectors with user defined flushing profiles and separating the initial flush of dirty oil for disposal.

The flushing profiles in the IFR-50 allow you to define:

  • Injector selection (lines 1,2,3,4, individually selectable ON/OFF = OFF, = ON)
  • Injector pulse width 0.0 – 3.0mS in 0.1mS increments
  • Injections per minute 100 – 3000 in 100 IPM increments
  • Flushing time (0 – 60 minutes)
  • Waste tank divert (0 – 60 seconds)
  • Injector Type (Bosch, Delphi, Denso Solenoid and Continental Piezo.)

Safety Notice

“This product has the ability to test piezo-electric coils which require fast acting high voltage levels to excite the piezo stack.  Although Hartridge has designed the product to comply with the low voltage and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) directives, which is a requirement of the CE marking directive, there is a risk that some electrically sensitive devices could be impacted. Therefore, Hartridge recommends that this equipment should not be utilised by persons who are fitted with a pacemaker or similar heart support equipment.”