HA7-AC Test Stand


The Hartridge Air Conditioning Compressor Test Stand HA7-AC has been designed to provide a cost effective, simple to use, flexible test and repair solution for the aftermarket air conditioning specialists.

Denso approved; the HA7-AC tests Denso 7SB(U) and 10PA compressors and with additional accessories tests a wide range of other compressors.

Main Features

  • 3.7kW AC Drive.
  • Timed run in.
  • Measures discharge.
  • Measures valve leakage.
  • Measures evacuation.
  • Interlocked guarding.


  • Cost effective.
  • Simple to use and flexible.
  • Denso approved.
  • Tests a wide range of compressors.

Low Pressure Gauge
High Pressure Gauge
Digital Timer
Displayed Resolution



150mm diameter, -1 to 4 bar / -0.1 to 0.4MPa. Scale resolution 0.1bar / 0.01MPa.
150mm diameter, -1 to 15 bar / -0.1 to 1.5MPa. Scale resolution 0.5bar / 0.05MPa.
Range 99 min 59 sec.
1 second.


Electrical Supply
Air Supply


Three phase & Earth, 400V ±10%, 10A continuous, 50 Hz.
Clean, dry pressurised air, minimum pressure 5.5 bar (80 psi)/maximum 8 bar (116 psi).


The HA7-AC is supplied complete with the following standard accessories;

  • Clamp arrangement.
  • Drive belt.
  • 7SB(U) and10PA compressor adaptor blocks (mount onto top of compressor for connection of hoses).
  • Electrical cable assembly (powering of control valves).
  • Operator manual.


Gross weight:  325 kgs
Net weight:  215 kgs
Case size:  127 x 100 x 176 cms