Want to know if your injector is faulty?

You can with Delphi’s Common Rail Injector Function Tester. Engineered by Hartridge and designed especially for workshops, the YDT-35 offers simple, low cost diagnostic capability for All Makes and types of Common Rail injectors. So from now on, only faulty injectors need to be sent for repair, saving you both time and money.


YDT-35 Features

YDT-35 Common Rail Injector Tester

  • Test diesel injectors types from major manufacturers:
    - Delphi, Denso and Bosch solenoid
    - Denso, Bosch and Continental piezo
    - Bosch CRIN and Denso Heavy Duty adapters (optional)
  • Electrical injector tests:
    - resistance
    - inductance
    - Capacitance
  • Nozzle spray-pattern visual observation
  • Backleak measurement (optional)


Safety Notice

“This product has the ability to test piezo-electric coils which require fast acting high voltage levels to excite the piezo stack.  Although Hartridge has designed the product to comply with the low voltage and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) directives, which is a requirement of the CE marking directive, there is a risk that some electrically sensitive devices could be impacted. Therefore, Hartridge recommends that this equipment should not be utilised by persons who are fitted with a pacemaker or similar heart support equipment.”