Welcome to the Sabre Speed Challenge!

    Sabre Speed Challenge

    Here is your hub for everything you need to know about the Hartridge Sabre Speed Challenge. Watch the Video...

    What is it?

    This is a chance to see just how quick and easy the Sabre CRi Master is to use for yourself and to show of your time. This is effectively a new style of demonstration of the Sabre CRi Master which has launched at Equip Auto, Paris.

    We are opening up this competition to all who want to take part. You stand a chance of winning a Windows Tablet! The competition will be open until the 30th November & the winner announced on the 1st December.

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    How do I take part?

    Really easily! Find a coil injector, we have used a bosch injector, make sure you have all the tooling to hand and someone to film and/or time you! Post your video to Twitter, LinkedIn, or facebook as proof with the hashtag: #SabreSpeedChallenge so we can see your skills in action. You then need to email the Hartridge Team with the details of the attempt so that we can add you to the leader board! Email either:

    If you would like to take part thats great! You can click on the link below to give us a few quick details so we can look out for our Sabre Speed Challenge entry! 

    Log my interest in taking part

    What are the Rules?

    There are a few rules just so that all attempts are fair and can count towards the competition! So that we can include your Challenge time we just need to make sure that your Sabre CRi Master starts in the same condition as everybody elses, and that it is recorded in one, continuous shot from one angle.

    Our guide includes some pointers and the instructions so that even if you've never used a Sabre CRi Master before you can read through this and still take part!

    Click on the image of the Sabre CRi Master below to get your copy of the HOW TO ENTER Guide:

    Sabre CRi Master Technician

    Good Luck!