New Tooling for testing ZBLN injectors

Hartridge has now released its latest tooling for the authorised testing and repair of Delphi E3.3, E3.4, E3.5, E3.6 electronic unit injectors (EUI) and US 2010 Smart injectors which are fitted with Zero Back Leak Nozzle (ZBLN). 


The equipment is composed of 

  • ZBLN Alignment Assembly 
  • ZBLN Clamping Fixture Assembly
  • E3.3 - E.3.6 & US 2010 Smart repair accessories
  • Upgraded (service exchange) injector controller with new test features covering E3.3 - E3.6*

* Note that the upgraded controller will only provide Delphi authorised testing for FLC (Full Load Curve) variants of E3.4 and E3.5 EUI. These are identified by referencing to the Delphi part numbers. A full list of compatible injectors is available from Delphi. The upgraded HK1502 AE101/1 Controller will test all variants of E3.0 - E3.6 in All Makes mode.

New alignment and compression tooling has been introduced to enable the correct alignment of nozzles fitted with ZBLN dowel-less technology.

Correct Nozzle alignment is essential for emissions compliance and ensuring optimum cylinder combustion for increased power and fuel efficiency. Failure to align the nozzle assembly can result in the following engine running conditions: 

  • excessive black smoke
  • premature DPF failure (soot loading)
  • excessive fuel consumption
  • excessive engine operating temperatures
  • poor or unstable low speed engine stability 
  • cylinder bore washing (early life engine wear/failure)

ZBLN Nozzle Alignment

Nozzle alignment is achieved using the position of the nozzle holes relative to a given datum point. Accuracy is an important factor for this design of injector and so the new tooling consists of two major elements: the first one being a method of nozzle alignment and the second being a means to apply the correct required compression to maintain the nozzle's position prior to tightening the cap nut. 


New ZBLN equipment for E3.3 - E3.6 and US 2010 Smart

A237B001 – ZBLN Alignment Assembly. 

ZBLN_A237B001.jpgCorrect alignment of the nozzle is achieved by using a digital microscope to reference the orientation of the nozzle holes with a specific position for the individual application. 

Note that in order to run the included software for the microscope, customers must provide their own laptop or PC. This is a pre-requisite in order to display the required image and enable the nozzle to be correctly aligned. 



A237A001 – Clamping Fixture Assembly


The required pre-load is applied to ensure the nozzle alignment remains in its correct position whilst the cap nut is tightened.




Some additional accessories will be required depending on what injectors need testing. 


To find out more about minimum workshop requirements for ZBLN testing, contact us by filling the form. 

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