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Unlocking the return on investment potential of the DPF300 Master Series

Posted by Becca Knight on August 09, 2017
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ROI analysis of the DPF300 Master Series

The DPF 300 Master Series is capable of supplying the workshop with reliable and measurable DPF service and maintenance tasks that are suitable for many makes of vehicles and parts.

The requirements for a DPF with typical unacceptable back pressures is to put it through the pneumatic cleaning process. This task includes the initial air flow test to determine state of DPF on the DPF320 Master, 15-45 minutes cleaning time in the DPF300 Master Series, followed by retesting the air flow to determine success of cleaning.

Thanks to the bi-directional air blades this will be sufficiently effective cleaning for 7 out of 8 DPFs.

In the instances where a DPF requires thermal regeneration the temperature cycle in the DPF330 Master takes 9 hours. It usually processes 1 DPF at a time; however there it is capable of treating 2 DPFs simultaneously with an additional equipment accessory.

This equipment has numerous customer benefits:

  • Avoid expensive DPF replacement costs
  • Avoid unscheduled vehicle downtime
  • Improve MPG and performance
  • Remain in line with legal standards for emissions
  • Limit secondary damage resulting from a failed DPF

This equipment has enormous impact on the workshop:

  • No requirement for third party costs to send filters for reconditioning
  • High labour and no/very low parts costs give the best margins on the workshop task
  • Avoid unadvisable DPF avoidance techniques
  • High rates of technician efficiency thanks to ease of use
  • Keep harmful PM collected and stored safely in the workshop
  • Secure future work for the business


The flexible DPF 300 Master Series is able to grow as your business grows meaning that your business will be able to remain ahead of the mounting demand for DPF maintenance solutions.

Via the link above we have illustrated the return on investment for the DPF 300 Master Series based on a typical price to the customer for the pneumatic cleaning a DPF.

We have calculated this example up based on cleaning just 2 DPFs a day and with these parameters it is possible to cover the cost of the machine set in just 8 months.

It is possible to over achieve the return on investment in this time frame considering the capability to treat 7 or 8 DPFs a day, depending on your workshop hours, as well as some DPF blockages necessitating thermal regeneration.

By providing you with a downloadable copy of the ROI calculator you can adjust the number of filters per day and number of working days in a week to mirror your workshop.

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