Welcome to the DPF200 Master

    DPF Cleaning - The DPF200 Master Series  

    Introducing the latest addition to the Hartridge DPF cleaning range, The DPF200 Master cleans passenger, and light/medium duty vehicle particulate filters. Discover all about it in our video below to see the machine in action in a workshop.

    Click here to download The DPF200 Master brochure

    Amazing Profit Opportunities With The Capabilities Of The DPF200 Master

    Particulate filters are a common failure part on Euro 4 & 5 and including the latest Euro 6 CR diesel systems, especially on vehicles which are used for town driving or in constant stop/start conditions. Replacement particulate filters are extremely expensive and therefore providing a simple cleaning service that requires no part replacement provides maximum profit opportunities for your business while providing the vehicle owner with an affordable solution compared to a new particulate filter.
    The machine is embedded with advanced patented cleaning technology which accelerates the cleaning process providing the ability, in most cases, to offer a drive-in and drive-out solution for the vehicle owner.

    Key Features

    • All-Makes, light & medium duty vehicle particulate filter cleaning
    • Compatible with Diesel and Petrol particulate filters
    • Patented bi-directional cleaning function
    • Rapid filter cleaning cycle time
    • Integrated back pressure measurement to diagnose filter condition
    • Integrated failed cell detection function to detect defective filters
    • Safe, controlled soot/ash collection and disposal system
    • Intuitive 10 inch touchscreen interface for machine control
    • Print and save results for filter traceability
    • Modular platform to provide future compatibility for wet cleaning module

    Download a Copy of the Brochure

    Click on the link below to download and keep a copy of the brochure to learn more about the patented features, safe particulate waste disposal, and modular system The DPF200 Master is a part of. 

    Click here to download the DPF200 Master brochure

    Particulate Filter Cleaning