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JR Motor’s sucess at Poland Automotive Technology Fair

Posted by Anne Ruff on April 10, 2014

This year's Automotive Technology Fair 2014 was an interactive exhibition, where the organisers, JR Motor Services, together with several companies in the automotive industry presented the latest equipment and tools in separate thematic areas.

In the diesel area, demonstrations of test equipment were available in particular the latest Hartridge IFT-200. This new test bench was met with great interest by visitors and was a definite "hit" with mechanics and diesel garage owners. JR Motors technicians were at hand to respond to visitors’ queries.

Common Rail and EUI injector demonstrations were aslo available on the stand alongside various diagnostic tools. The Diesel zone which was represented by JR Motor Services included:

- Diagnosis of common rail injection system,

- Cleaning Common Rail injectors on the engine,

- Repairing of Delphi injectors

- Repairing injectors and testing on IFT-200,

- Delphi EUI injector testing,

- Analysis of the fuel with a fuel analyzer YDT553

The show attracted many visitors and enquiries.

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