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Our Largest Product Launch Ever!

Posted by Becca Knight on July 26, 2018
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We are accustomed to launching new products and having a diverse range of testing solutions, that has evolved over the near 90 years of Hartridge’s own evolving heritage. Lots of exciting new products have joined our portfolio in recent years, and now our new generation of All-Makes test benches is expanding.

New Generation- What Does This Mean?

We have been focusing in the last few years on the new generation of Hartridge test benches. These machines share the same basic framework which not only means they are instantly recognisable, but they are more cost efficient for our customers.

When it was initially designed we knew that multiple technology types would need the same platform so future proof features were part of the design from the very beginning.

Each test bench boasts patented technology and features developed specific to the injectors they are testing, while sharing the same four elemental attributes:

  • Simplified Usability- Ease of use for the technician at every possible step
  • Flexible & Adaptable- Helping workshops to evolve their expertise & services 
  • Innovative Design- Share the same platform as well as different, pioneering technology in each model
  • OE Heritage- Applying our decades of OE heritage expertise to the development process
Download a copy of the Sabre CRi Expert brochure

The Newest Member of the Family

This new generation of machines includes the Sabre CRi Master and the Toledo HEUi Master. The latest member of this All-Makes family is the Sabre CRi Expert.

This tests common rail injectors like the Sabre CRi Master although it tests to a higher pressure and with advanced test steps. This particular machine is taking the new generation of machines to the next, future-ready level.

The result is that this became our biggest product launch ever!

3 New Developments

The launch of the Sabre CRi Expert required several different components to come together to cater to the innovative capabilities of this one new product.

Firstly, is the machine itself. Obviously it was going to be sharing the usual platform; however we still applied our ground-up development to bring bespoke features to this high pressure test bench.Sab exp blog mid level img 1_SM

Secondly, the sheer amount of new testing functions built into the software meant it reached its next chapter of development in the process. This was our most extensive software evolution since magmah first appeared on our AVM2-PC.

As a result the Sabre CRi Expert features the brand new magmahTouch software.

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Lastly, a whole new website was required too! An essential part of the development of the magmahTouch software focused on making the functionality of the software simple for the workshop to access.

Rather than paying to unlock testing that the workshop might never use, this new software allows the workshop to only unlock what they need in a pay-as-you-go format. A new website was launched for workshops to buy their credit bundles as and when they need.

Sab exp blog mid level img 2_SMWatch this space!

Although all 3 of these components were required for one product launch they are revolutionary in their own right and bring numerous benefits to this whole family of test benches.

The development of easy credit bundles for the workshop means that the magmahTouch software licence will remain free of charge and supported for the life of the test bench.

The advancements of the magmahTouch software developed for the Sabre CRi Expert will be rolled out to the Sabre CRi Master as well. The high pressure technology will also be adapted into future upgrade kits so that current Sabre CRi Master owners can also access this next stage of advanced, future-ready injector testing.

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