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Government funding secured to develop test solutions to support accelerated progression of Hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engines.

Posted by Stuart Amos on May 17, 2023

Hartridge Ltd is one of a consortium of companies, including BorgWarner Fuel Systems in Gillingham UK, that have jointly secured £9.7 million of government-backed funding via the APC (Advanced Propulsion Centre, UK).

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Heavy Duty Heroes

Posted by Becca Knight on November 11, 2020

Like everyone on the planet, this is not what we had planned for 2020 and is definitely not what we had envisioned for celebrating our 90th anniversary. It is safe to say that plans and goals for all aspects of life, from individual living to corporate operations, have changed. Not only has this change been drastic but it has been needed to be implemented in an incredibly short space of time. As movement restrictions clamped down across the world, people stepped up in order to keep essential services and key workers moving; and among these heroes, heavy duty vehicles stepped up too.

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Whats the biggest workshop challenge? Poll Results

Posted by Becca Knight on January 16, 2018

We always want to know more about the needs of the vehicle workshop so that we can keep applying this approach to our product development. We recently ran polls on our website and on our social media to ask ‘What is the biggest workshop challenge?’

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DPF cleaning challenges in heavy duty workshops | Sooting it out

Posted by Becca Knight on August 09, 2017

It is easy to forget that the soot and ash trapped inside a diesel particulate filter is a highly toxic cocktail of ‘matter’ that has been purposefully prevented from being jettisoned into the atmosphere along with the exhaust gas from diesel engines. If it serious enough to be a legal requirement for vehicle manufacturers to ensure that the public are protected from breathing in particulate matter (PM) , then it follows that it is equally important to do the same for workshop staff when they are emptying out a DPF.

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Future Proofing the Workshop

Posted by Becca Knight on August 09, 2017

The Back to the Future trilogy may be great classic films but they did get a few things wrong. The distinct lack of hover boards in 2015 has hit people pretty hard. The world has been predicted to end multiple times but here we are. It’s safe to say that we aren’t that great at predicting the future and hindsight helpfully highlights exactly how far off track we were. So given how hard the future is to predict is it possible for an after sales department to see ahead and future proof the workshop accordingly? And if it is conceivable, then how far ahead is it possible to plan?

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