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AVM2-PC test bench for standard pump, common rail and EUI testing

Flexible test bench, with capability to test: 

  • Standard rotative and inline pumps
  • Common Rail pumps
  • Common Rail Injectors
  • Electronic Unit Injectors
  • Electronic unit pumps
  • Various options available
  • Delphi, Denso & Continental authorised
  • Caterpillar version available
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Universal All Makes cambox to test EUI & EUP:

  • Fits on most rotary benches
  • Test all applications including Siemens Piezo, Delphi E3.1 and Cummins Select
  • Magmahsharp software provides a high level of user functionality
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CRi-PC.jpgTest bench to test exclusively Common Rail injectors:

  • Delphi, Denso Bosch solenoids
  • Options for Bosch and VDO piezo.
  • Delphi authorised: testing & coding C2i and C3i injectors. 
  • Continental authorised



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Cambox to test EUI & EUP:

  • Fits on the AVM2-PC 
  • Delphi Authorised & All Makes testing
  • Semi automatic test plan control
  • Magmahplus software with regular updates with valid maintenance licence 
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All Makes test solution for testing Common Rail injectors.

  • 4 line delivery & backleak 
  • Graduate measuring
  • Single phase so economical to run
  • Test Delphi, Denso, Continental, Bosch - solenoid and piezo injectors


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Entry level test equipment for Common Rail injectors:

  • Delphi Authorised mode 
  • All Makes mode
  • User friendly
  • Easy fixtures
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