The future of CR pump testing today

Main features

  • Common Rail Pump testing: CRp-PCStandalone machine
  • Allows testing of all makes of Common-Rail pumps
  • Magmah based software
  • AC motor
  • Power Output 22kw (30hp)
  • Speed range: 30 – 6500rpm
  • Pressure rating up to 2000 bar
  • Metering through flowmeters
  • Manual test with option to upgrade to Automatic test
  • Integrated clear polycarbonate protective shield with interlocked safety door
  • Test plan creation / storage using test plan editor


  • Improves service workflow
  • Pump fixturing common with AVM2-PC
  • Frees up AVM2-PC for other testing
  • Point of entry for Common Rail Pump test market
  • Test results correlate with AVM2-PC
  • Compact design

The standalone platform allows testing of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens Common Rail pumps with the same ease and flexibility provided by its sister product, the CRi-PC. Controlled with Hartridge’s proprietary software, magmah, the CRp-PC allows the creation of test plans, together with the ability to save these for repeat standardised testing. Download a brochure for further information: 

Download CRp-PC brochure