Testmaster 3 HH701

The Hartridge Testmaster 3 HH701 is pneumatically operated, incorporating an LCD display and sophisticated menu driven software for analysing injector nozzle performance. The Testmaster 3 HH701 is compact in size, easy and flexible in use, and permits test results to be stored and recorded via an external PC/printer.


Main features 

  • Air operated pumping action.
  • Test most types of automotive injector up to 500 bar pressure
  • Illuminated spray chamber
  • Air operated continuous fume extraction of the spray chamber
  • Keypad for data entry 
  • Pressure reading display both digitally and an analogue bar graph on back-lit LCD display. 
  • Pass/Fail indication
  • Flow control valve
  • Date and time indication
Testmaster 3 HH701

Testmaster 3



  • Digital display enables better accuracy.
  • In accordance with ISO 8984-1 and ISO 8984-2 standards.
  • Reduced operator fatigue.
  • Menu driven software for ease of use.
  • Injector test plan facility (up to 200 memory locations).
  • Automatic pass/fail indication when the test plan facility is used.
  • Easy access to injector test plans.
  • Traceability of injector test results.
  • Offers outstanding value for money.
  • Flow control to detect injector chatter.