Excalibur GDi Master

    The Excalibur GDi Master 

    The Excalibur GDi Master is our very first gasoline testing solution and joins our new generation of test benches in the sabre platform. As gasoline injector operating pressures are on the rise our advanced test bench provides the in depth level of testing required to accurately diagnose GDI & PFI injectors. 

    Click here to download the Excalibur GDi Master brochure

    Amazing Revenue Opportunities in Emerging GDI Market

    The Excalibur GDi Master offers a fast return on investment with high profit opportunities & low-cost entry requirements. The Excalibur GDi Master enables a workshop to get customer vehicles back on the road faster & with a low cost alternative to new injector replacement. The Excalibur’s unique functionality enables workshops to generate high levels of profit using our injector test-refurbishment-retest process. This is achieved while maintaining a surprisingly low cost to market entry, whereby minimal user-training & further capital investment is required thanks to this advanced but easy-to-use machine.

    Key Features

    • All-Makes Coil & Piezo injector testing capability
    • Comprehensive test plan with simple pass/fail criteria
    • Innovative spray pattern evaluation
    • OE level high pressure and high flow rate test capability
    • Only single phase domestic power supply needed
    • Award winning, plug-and-play, platform
    • Patented Closed-Loop technology
    • Intuitive & adaptable touch screen operation
    • Ideal for injector diagnostics & refurbishment
    • Easy operation; low-level operator knowledge needed
    • Integrated back-flush function

    Download a Copy of the Brochure

    Click on the link below to download and keep a copy of the brochure to learn more about the patented features, advanced test steps, high pressure capability, and smarter functionality all within a compact All-Makes testing solution.

    Click here to download the Excalibur GDi Master brochure

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