All Makes Common Rail Pump Test HF1130

The Hartridge All Makes Common Rail Pump Test Kit HF1130 has been designed to provide the diesel fuel injection service network with a comprehensive Common Rail pump test capability. This applies to both the franchised and independent workshops.

The HF1130 kit can be used to test and calibrate Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens Common Rail pumps with a level of functionality as yet unseen in kits currently available. It operates in conjunction with the AVM2-PC (20hp) test bench and the Common Rail base kit HB378. Its ease of use, robustness, safety and affordability will combine to contribute substantially to workshop profitability.

HF1130 Common Rail Pump testing

AVM2-PC Test Stand

The AVM2-PC is the Hartridge flagship test platform and utilises a PC based digital fuel metering system. Its advanced design and ease of use combine to save you time. It can be up to 50% faster than test benches that use alternative metering systems. The AVM2-PC is the platform that Hartridge will use for all new fuel injection technology including Common Rail and Electronic Unit Injection (see product brochure for further details).

HB378 Universal Common Rail Base Kit

Principally an interlocked safety guard designed to ensure operator protection from the very high pressures generated by Common Rail fuel injection

systems, the kit also includes:

  • Improved test oil filtration – 2 micron.
  • Pressure control valve to allow pump flow tests via the AVM2 metering unit.
  • Pressure relief valve to ‘dump’ the rail pressure if the safety is compromised.
  • The safety guard has been designed to become part of the test bench and should not require removal when a different type of Common Rail pump is tested (see product brochure for further details).

Main Features

  • All Makes capability
  • Tests Common Rail pump flow over the full operating range.
  • Enables pump solenoid resistance checks.
  • Facilitates precise open loop current setting of pump solenoid(s).
  • Allows independent current setting of up to two pump solenoids – this meets the requirements of all current and forecast future designs.
  • Adjustable solenoid supply voltage.
  • Adjustable pulse width modulation frequency.
  • Supported by an extensive range of pump mounting accessories.
  • Uses the AVM2–PC (20hp) test bench as the user interface drive and measuring device*.
  • Used in conjunction with the Universal CR Base Kit HB378 to ensure operator safety.

*Please note existing AVM2-PC users may require a software upgrade


  • Compact size and proven user friendly design.
  • Rapid update of test results.
  • Reduces pump test time by up to 50% in comparison with other branded test benches

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