The Sabre CRi Master

    The Sabre CRi Master

    Welcome to the Sabre CRi Master, the entry level common rail (CR) diesel injector test machine that has become a firm workshop favourite since its launch in 2017, with over 500 machines all over the world. Thanks to its ease of use and low investment costs, the Sabre CRi Master provides the essential tools to unlock Diesel CR injector testing/repair for the workshop.  As your business requirements grow the Sabre CRi Master can also evolve to provide future upgrade paths for higher pressure and functionality.



    Download a Sabre CRi Master Brochure

    Ultimate User Flexibility

    The Sabre CRi Master is a compact, All-Makes Diesel CR injector machine packed with advanced functionality for injector testing & injector coding. Central to the Sabre’s design are exceptional levels of easy use enabling the full customisation of test conditions & parameters. It is comprehensive & accurate in basic mode and provides more advanced test steps like NOP & MDP when the workshop requires. The Sabre CRi Master is now more flexible than ever with the recent introduction of a new credit management system, which provides pay-as you-go functionality. The workshop can now unlock functions, test steps, and coding only when they need to & do not need to pay for functionality they wouldn’t use. This entry level machine ensures the highest standards of diesel CR injector testing & injector coding while offering upgrade paths for high pressure testing.

    Key Features

    • Huge parc coverage of injectors with validated test plans and coding 
    • Up to 1800 bar pressure
    • High flow output for optimum high & low pressure testing
    • Patented Closed-Loop power management
    • Rapid test cycle times
    • Simplified & fast injector clamping
    • Rapid installation & use
    • Operates on local domestic "plug in" power supply
    • Trolley available for mobility in the workshop
    • Award winning bench platform
    • High pressure upgrade kit available
    Download a Sabre CRi Master Brochure

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