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Delphi C4i coded test plans now on Sabre Expert

Posted by Stuart Amos on January 08, 2024

sabre sm mix 1

The latest V4.48 of magmahTouch with C4i coding is now available on the Hartridge Software Portal for users of the Sabre series to download for free.

The software version is now at V4.48 and the testplan dataset is at issue-40

A number of Bosch, Denso & Delphi coded and non-coded test plans have been added.

As always a number of adjustment and improvements have been made to a number of existing test plans based on customer feedback.

Users can check to make sure they have the latest version of the database by visiting the  Hartridge Software Portal and selecting either the Sabre Master or Sabre Expert from the Downloads section.

Since 2017 Hartridge has sold nearly 1,200 units of the Sabre series all over the world.

There are thousands of coded and non-coded testplans in the database for customers to unlock, whether for pure diagnostics or to support an all-makes injector repair program.

magmah_touch_test plans


Topics: Common Rail Testing, Sabre CRi Master, Common rail injectors, Sabre CRi Expert, injector coding

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