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Pump Manufacturer Fuel System Pump Type AVM2-PC AVM2-PC & Duplexing Ha4500 Application Kit Additional Items Notes
Bosch In-line pump ZW/ZWM *see comment Yes Yes   Bench selection depends on size and number of pump plungers
Bryce Unit Pump FCCAB Yes Yes Yes Yes HF645  
FCCAR     Yes Yes HF645  
FCOAB Yes Yes Yes Yes HF645  
FCQAB Enquire HF645  
FCVAB     Yes   HF645  
FDDAB Enquire      
FEOAB Enquire      
FFDAB Enquire      
FXOAB Enquire      
CAV In-line Pump C Enquire Enquire Yes Yes    
Caterpillar Unit Injector 3500 MUI   Yes Yes Yes HF645  
Unit Pump 3500 MUI   Yes Yes Yes HF645  
Pielstick Unit Pump PA4     Yes Yes HF645  
In-Line Pump ASV ZZZ     Yes Yes    
GM-EMD Unit Injector MUI-645 Yes Yes Yes Yes HF645  
EUI-710 Yes Yes Yes Enquire HF645  
GE Unit Pump 7FDL Yes Yes Yes Enquire HF645  
ALCO Unit Pump 251 Yes Yes Yes Enquire HF645  

Engine Manufacturer and type/model

When enquiring about applications, please provide:

  • Number of cylinders
  • Rated power and speed
  • Rated torque and speed
  • 2 or 4 stroke
  • Specific consumption (if known)
  • Pump manufacturer and Pump type number
  • Please confirm the type of fuel injection system. Is it:
    • In-line pump (Flange mounted)
    • In-line pump (Base mounted)
    • Rotary pump
    • Unit pump – no tappet
    • Unit pump – bucket tappet
    • Unit pump – roller tappet
    • Electronic unit pump
    • Unit Injector – Mechanical
    • Unit Injector – Electronic

To enable a quotation to be created, please supply an installation drawing of the pump to be tested (including any items that must not be removed such as coupling or flywheels), and a test plan.

For more information, please contact Clive Morse, Custom Diesel Products.