HK1400 – Universal Bench EUI & EUP Cambox

    Affordable yet full of features, the HK1400 is highly accurate, robust, flexible and user friendly. The essential choice for any diesel workshop wanting to increase their EUI and EUP capability.

    What it does

    The HK1400 is designed to bridge the gap between OEM approved EUI/EUP repair workshops and the general diesel EUI/EUP repair market. It is a solution for All Makes of EUI and EUP, yet its functionality, accuracy and robustness remains distinctly Hartridge.

    HK1400 All Makes cambox

    The HK1400 has been engineered so that there is no compromise on accuracy and repeatability of test results, yet the solution has to be affordable for all progressive  diesel workshops worldwide. By utilising and adapting our existing magmah software, keeping development costs to a minimum, it has enabled us to focus on the engineering of the hardware to ensure you get the best there is.

    Features and benefits

    • Comprehensive EUI / EUP applications on the market including Bosch, VDO, Delphi E3, Cummins Celect, Caterpillar.
    • FREE! Comprehensive All Makes test plans with ongoing development.
    • Use your existing rotary test bench (minimum specification required).
    • Intuitive magmahsharp software is feature rich, proving a high level of user functionality.
    • Customise, edit & create test plans.
    • Calibrate your own reference EUI / EUP parameters and test limits.
    • Unique and patented adjustable 11 positions cam design to set minimum/maximum lift.

    Safety Notice

    “This product has the ability to test piezo-electric coils which require fast acting high voltage levels to excite the piezo stack.  Although Hartridge has designed the product to comply with the low voltage and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) directives, which is a requirement of the CE marking directive, there is a risk that some electrically sensitive devices could be impacted. Therefore, Hartridge recommends that this equipment should not be utilised by persons who are fitted with a pacemaker or similar heart support equipment.”     

    You can view the HK1400 fully running on a Hartridge AVM1 test bench.

    Download HK1400 brochure