HB401 – Auto Pressure Control

Hartridge recently developed a new upgrade for AVM2-PC: an Auto Pressure Control kit for Common Rail pumps.

Easy to install on existing AVM2-PC’s, the HB401 provides the capability to run automatic, unattended testing of CR pumps in Hartridge "All Makes" mode and provide fuel injection manufacturers with a platform that they can adopt for their future programs.

High Pressure Block for Auto Pressure Control

The upgrade comprises three main elements:-High Pressure Block mounted on the bedplate and comprising:

  • - High pressure filtration unit
    - High pressure control valve block

HB401 auto pressure control for AVM2-PC

  • Auto Pressure Control unit mounted on the front of the machine and comprising:
    - Flow meter for high flow measurements 100 cc/min to 6 L/min
    - Additional cooling
    - Quick release fittings
    - System control
    - Pressure control
    - Flow control
    - Transformer
  • a software upgrade: magmahplus

The new software has a similar presentation to the current screens, but with added benefits of:

  • Auto Pressure Control
  • “All Makes loadcell
  • Direct Communication with Iris Software
  • Free software updates during the license period

 What benefits does the HB401 have?
10 to 20% saving in pump test time

The system can provide a stable pressure reading typically in 5 seconds.

This figure can vary depending upon condition of the pump under test and the magnitude of the pressure change. This is compared to adjustment and stabilisation times of 10 to 30 seconds using the current manual pressure regulator.

Additionally as the pump warms up / stabilises, the system will continuously control the pressure removing the need for the operator to manually adjust.

Dependant upon the number of steps in the test plan this can result in savings of at least 10 to 20% in the time to test a CR pump.

30 to 50% increase in operator productive time

The magmahplus operating software and new test plan editor provide the ability to write fully automatic test plans.

This means that the time the operator needs to spend at the machine is greatly reduced. Once the operator has installed the pump, selected the test plan and watched the first step to ensure that the set up is correct and that there are no gross failures within the pump, they can now leave the test bench to do productive work elsewhere in the work shop.

OEM Authorisation

Hartridge are pleased to confirm that Delphi’s IRIS software for AVM2-PC is compatible with the Hartridge HB401 Auto Pressure Control.

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