EUI Injector Upgrade Kit/Calibrator HK860

This EUI Injector Upgrade Kit HK860 is fitted to the Cummins PT Injector Calibrator HA290 to permit the testing of Cummins Celect electronic unit injectors and therefore enhances the capability of the HA290.

Main Features


  • Includes two adapters, a fuelling sleeve and three push rods to mount and drive the Cummins electronic unit injectors, for the following engine types:
    • Type 1: N14
    • Type 2: L10
    • Type 3: M11
  • Includes an electronic signal unit to deliver a variable pulse (15ms – 30ms) to the injector.


  • At a low cost it provides HA290 users with additional Cummins coverage.
  • Enables users to accurately diagnose problems with individual Cummins Celect EUI injectors.
  • Easy to use and to install to the HA290.

Power supply

240/120V ac 50/60Hz typical current consumption 0.5 amp.


The HK860 kit can be factory fitted to new Cummins PT Injector Calibrators HA290.
A 0.426 Cam YDB438 is required to drive the Cummins EUI injectors.


Gross Weight:  19 kgs
Net Weight:  18 kgs
Case Size:  51 x 27 x 36 cms