Ultrarinse Tank HM1009

Ultrarinse Tank HM1009

After components have been ultrasonically cleaned they need to be rinsed in another solution to remove any loose particles. Original Equipment Manufacturers typically call for a class (0) cleanliness specification for this operation. The Ultrarinse Tank HM1009 offers a low cost solution for this, both in the initial investment and running costs as the cleaning medium is standard calibration fluid filtered to 2 micron. Furthermore the Ultrarinse Tank provides the ability to carry out lubricated wet assembly which is a prerequisite of Original Equipment Manufacturers. The Ultrarinse Tank HM1009 has been designed to fit inside the Microdiesel Cabinet HM1000, which completes a full “clean room” and assembly station for the latest generation diesels. However, the tank will sit equally as well on a standard workbench and work as a stand alone unit.

Main Features

  • Cleanses surface residue following ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Prepares parts for re-assembly into pumps or injectors etc.
  • Facilitates wet assembly.
  • 9 litre capacity.


  • Enhances the use of the Microdiesel Cabinet HM1000.
  • Affordable solution.


HM1009 Ultrarinse Tank


Gross Weight:  18 kgs
Net Weight:  12 kgs
Case Size:  65 x 35 x 45 cms

Microdiesel Hartclean Cleaning Solution HM1006

This solution can be used in both the Microdiesel Rotary Washer and Ultrasonic Tanks at a ratio of 10% fluid / 90% water.